We have records for 78 candidates running for mayor or council in the 2021 Municipal Election - Edmonton. Have you got an update to the information below? Let us know!

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Councillor O-day'min GinoAkbari
Councillor papastew haruunyeg
Councillor tastawiyiniwak aknowmadic
Councillor Sspomitapi moebangayeg
Councillor O-day'min gabrielle4yeg
Councillor Métis N/A
Councillor tastawiyiniwak codybondarchuk
Councillor O-day'min adrianbruff
Councillor papastew JamesCa74916940
Councillor pihêsiwin _TimCartmell
Councillor O-day'min tony_caterina
Mayor City Wide AbdulChukwudi
Mayor City Wide Change4YEG
Councillor Métis AbdulhakimDalel
Councillor Anirniq MDaviesAnirniq
Councillor tastawiyiniwak jondziadyk
Councillor Anirniq bevesslinger
Councillor papastew susanfield_yeg
Councillor sipiwiyiniwak giselleforyegcc
Councillor tastawiyiniwak geronaforoffice
Councillor Sspomitapi N/A N/A N/A
Councillor papastew kirstengoa
Mayor City Wide N/A
Councillor Dene N/A
Councillor tastawiyiniwak N/A
Councillor O-day'min N/A
Councillor sipiwiyiniwak sjlhamilton
Councillor sipiwiyiniwak N/A
Councillor Anirniq N/A
Councillor sipiwiyiniwak dan4yeg
Councillor sipiwiyiniwak derekhlady4yeg
Councillor Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi RhiHoyleYEG
Councillor papastew michaeljanz
Councillor Métis lizjohnwest
Councillor Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi Scott4YEGcc
Councillor Karhiio sanakakar2021
Councillor Sspomitapi harmankandola
Councillor Nakota Isga andrewknack
Councillor Métis N/A N/A
Councillor Métis jameskosowan
Mayor City Wide krushell4mayor
Councillor Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi GlynnisYeg
Councillor Métis CoriForCouncil
Councillor Sspomitapi N/A N/A N/A
Councillor Sspomitapi N/A
Mayor City Wide marah_augustine
Councillor Métis cmatthews2021
Councillor Métis melli_salar
Councillor Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi jonmorganyeg
Councillor Dene GHumanitySeed
Mayor City Wide MikeNickelYEG
Councillor Nakota Isga N/A
Mayor City Wide michaeloshry
Councillor Dene LanaPal54113268
Councillor Dene Aaron4Dene
Councillor pihêsiwin guiscelayeg
Councillor O-day'min N/A N/A
Councillor tastawiyiniwak electprincipe
Councillor Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi JenniferRiceYEG
Councillor Anirniq erinforanirniq
Councillor Karhiio N/A
Councillor Métis AshleyASalvador
Councillor papastew N/A
Councillor Sspomitapi N/A
Councillor Karhiio tomshawyeg
Mayor City Wide AmarjeetSohiYEG
Mayor City Wide dianasteele
Councillor O-day'min edmonton_anne
Councillor Karhiio kerentangyeg
Councillor Métis Dsteventownsend
Councillor Karhiio shamairt
Councillor papastew YEGByron
Councillor Dene Tricia_Velt
Mayor City Wide cheryllYEG
Councillor Nakota Isga steveweston780
Councillor O-day'min Joshua4Yeg
Councillor Sspomitapi joannewrightyeg
Councillor Anirniq TylerZutz