Which statement best describes your opinion of city council's zoning decisions?


Upzoning is when developers seek a variance to build extra height or units than existing plans allow, with the goal of making a project more financially feasible. City council has been accused of too often approving upzoned projects, such as the now-cancelled Mezzo tower in Old Strathcona, without getting anything in return. To address this, the Community Amenity Contributions policy was approved in July 2018 to establish public benefits to be provided by developers in exchange for a variance.

Candidate responses

A total of 67 candidates have responded to the survey. Here's how they answered this question:

a) Council has shown the right amount of flexibility regarding zoning bylaws

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b) Council has been too flexible under pressure from developers

Candidates that selected this response:

c) Council has not been flexible enough to make way for development

Candidates that selected this response:

d) I don't have a position on this issue

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Candidates that skipped this question:

Voter responses

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Note: Taproot excluded surveys with fewer than two answers from these results. It was possible for voters to fill out the survey multiple times, but unlikely at a large scale given the structure of the survey. Voters were not able to select "I don't have a position on this issue".

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