Do you think city council should have approved the Epcor's E.L. Smith Solar Farm?


The E.L. Smith Solar Farm was approved by city council in October 2020. The project would create a roughly 51-acre solar farm adjacent to the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant. The Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition has filed a legal challenge against council's decision, arguing that the "this development should not happen at the expense of the river valley."

Candidate responses

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b) No, I support solar power but that's the wrong location

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c) No, I don't support solar power anywhere

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d) I don't have a position on this issue

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Note: Taproot excluded surveys with fewer than two answers from these results. It was possible for voters to fill out the survey multiple times, but unlikely at a large scale given the structure of the survey. Voters were not able to select "I don't have a position on this issue".

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