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How much should the city spend to help the arts sector recover from the pandemic?


The Edmonton Arts Council launched the Creators' Reserve grant program in April 2020 to support artists with funding of $500,000 drawn from existing budgets. In July 2021, city council approved the $1 million 2021 Festivals & Events COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program to help encourage the return of festivals and events.

Candidate responses

A total of 67 candidates have responded to the survey. Here's how they answered this question:

a) It should spend more

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b) Current support is sufficient

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c) It should spend less

No candidates selected this response

d) I don't have a position on this issue

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Note: Taproot excluded surveys with fewer than two answers from these results. It was possible for voters to fill out the survey multiple times, but unlikely at a large scale given the structure of the survey. Voters were not able to select "I don't have a position on this issue".

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