Housing and homelessness

Should the city expand its Housing First programs?


Housing First involves moving people who experience homelessness into independent and permanent housing as quickly as possible, with no preconditions. Those individuals are then provided with additional supports and services as needed. Since 2009, more than 12,000 people have been housed and supported through Edmonton's Housing First program.

Candidate responses

A total of 67 candidates have responded to the survey. Here's how they answered this question:

a) Yes, Housing First is the right approach and we need more of it

Candidates that selected this response:

b) No, the existing programs are sufficient

Candidates that selected this response:

c) No, residents should undergo treatment for underlying issues such as substance use and mental illness before participating in housing programs

Candidates that selected this response:

d) No, this shouldn't be the city's responsibility

Candidates that selected this response:

e) I don't have a position on this issue

No candidates selected this response

Voter responses

Based on more than 16,000 responses received as of Oct. 14, here's how voters answered this question:


By ward

Note: Taproot excluded surveys with fewer than two answers from these results. It was possible for voters to fill out the survey multiple times, but unlikely at a large scale given the structure of the survey. Voters were not able to select "I don't have a position on this issue".

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